What does it take to raise confident women in today’s society?

By Doina Oncel on May 24, 2016 under Math Success

DSC00679Being a young woman in today’s society is not an easy and effortless thing to be. Although there were some attempts by a few brands to use the media to tell women that they are sufficient  just by being themselves, the messages that we are not good enough as women are still predominant. Based on many conducted surveys, young women are faced with the challenge of belonging in the society and, in order to feel accepted, some of them go to extreme measures.

What we know for sure is that positive self esteem is a key source to change the way women look at themselves. Confidence attracts excellence and vice-versa. What does it take to raise confident women in today’s society?


Investing in education for girls is one major component in overcoming the self esteem struggle. However, if we still use the same teaching methods that were used centuries ago we will not be able to see positive results, we will not be able to disrupt a movement or revolutionize the way young women will be influenced to learn about themselves and their roles in society.  Education has to become main concern at home with parental involvement.  Parents need to take a stand in their daughters’  learning and teaching young women to read between the lines is crucial to how they will see the world and themselves.  21st Century Learning is an important factor which is overseen in schools today. Books still reflect the men of the society from the past who are recognized as innovators while the women who’ve made an equal or greater impact have been neglected.


#STEMSpark, Beautiful Minds and Beating Hearts: Meet Toronto native Ayman Nadeem of Khan Academy.

By Dorothy Nixon on September 13, 2015 under Engineering Math Science STEM Spark

ayman nadeem

Ayman Nadeem is a firm believer in social justice. It is fitting, then, that the University of Waterloo engineering graduate (2014 Class Valedictorian) has recently joined the future-gazing team at Khan Academy as a product manager.

Ayman, who is also a rapper and fitness enthusiast, spent the summer of 2014 in Istanbul, tutoring children at an orphanage. She chronicled the experience in her blog.

The vibrant, philosophical young woman, a daughter of Pakistani immigrants, exchanged thoughts with hEr VOLUTION about her own years in school in Toronto struggling with a learning disability and about her evolving ideas on education and technology.READ MORE

#STEMSpark: Meet Carolyn Van, A Shi(f)t Disturber And A Passionate Leader For Women In #STEM

By Doina on June 8, 2015 under featured STEM Spark Technology


Photo credit: Rosa Park at White Lioness Media 

Carolyn Van is a shi(f)t disturber, marketer, strategic communications specialist and growth hacker. She solves problems with design, technology and communication-based solutions and has been a trusted advisor and educator to many from post-secondary students to senior level managers and startups to large corporations. Combined with her knowledge and expertise, Carolyn’s digital presence, influence and deep relationships in the startup, technology, interactive media and design and investment communities make Carolyn a strong ally for organizations who are looking to innovate and grow. She is a sought after educator, advisor, speaker and facilitator in the areas of digital media, Women in S.T.E.M, leadership, startups, technology and innovation.

Carolyn’s technology and entrepreneurial accolades, experience and knowledge have earned her nominations for RBC’s Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards and she has been recognized on various public outlets including CTV News, Global Entrepreneurship Week, The Globe and Mail and The Financial Post. READ MORE