#HVThinkTank: Helping Young Women In Conflict With The Law Realize Their Potential

By Doina on July 6, 2016 under HVThinkTank Success


‪#‎DidYouKnow: Young women in conflict with the law are also victims of abuse? ‪‎Fact: According to Council of Elizabeth Fry Society of Ontario, 71% of young women reported physical abuse prior to conflict with the law.

#‎DidYouKnow: Young women account for 2,147 crimes per 100,000 versus the rate of 10,084 among young men in the same age group? These sexist biases also contribute to the higher rate of incarceration of young women as compared to men remanded or charged in similar circumstances.

#‎DidYouKnow: The inequality of poverty and homelessness is associated with many types of survival activities of youth that are increasingly likely to cause them to be criminalized? Homeless youth, who must rely on selling their own bodies to survive, as well as those who first panhandle, or gather in groups, are at significantly increased risk of being criminalized.

#‎DidYouKnow: Youth whose parents are marginalized, have disabling mental health issues, and/or are criminalized, have a 62% likelihood of being criminalized or imprisoned themselves?

#‎DidYouKnow: Most criminalized women have low levels of education, limited employment and economic records, and usually live alone in extremely poor housing conditions?READ MORE

#STEMSpark: Science Fair Journey Of An Award Winning Canadian Female Scientist

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It can start with a spark, a moment of curiosity. It can start while discovering innovative ideas come to life. It can start with a question raised, a clip from a show, a game, and, in this case, a poster. The discussion of how to get more women interested in STEM fields, commonly known as Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, continues as does the struggles to figure out the “how”. As a mission to encourage more girls and young women to follow their curiosity in the rewarding fields of STEM, it is imperative to bring to surface lived experiences of other young women and expose their reality of the journey involved in any of these fields. As Canadians it makes it for a sweeter reality to know that an aspiring young woman scientist has represented Canada internationally at Science Fairs bringing home awards for her scientific discoveries.

Jessie MacAlpine has done all of that, all because of her love for science. She is a great example, a great mentor to girls and young women who may have that curious thought of what is it like to be a scientist. She is a leader and an inspiration to little girls who dream that one day they can too become successful while making a difference though science.

We hope that her story will encourage girls and young women to pursue their dreams and take on challenges because making a difference is just as rewarding as the journey to leadership.READ MORE

#STEMSpark: Scientist Dr. Molly Shoichet celebrates and shares the success of researchers establishing the new frontiers of science.

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Pr Molly S. Shoichet (new glam shot)

“I think that science defines the present and future. I encourage women and men to pursue careers in science because there are big problems that we are still trying to solve and big questions that we are still trying to answer.” – Molly Shoichet

Dr. Molly Shoichet is definitely a triple threat. She is the only person to be a Fellow of Canada’s three National Academies: Canadian Academy of Sciences of the Royal Society of Canada, Canadian Academy of Engineering, and Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. But she is also the recipient of many prestigious distinctions, including the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award for North America in 2015. Dr. Shoichet holds the Order of Ontario, Ontario’s highest honour and is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.READ MORE