#STEMSpark: Meet Carolyn Van, A Shi(f)t Disturber And A Passionate Leader For Women In #STEM

By Doina Oncel on June 8, 2015 under featured STEM Spark Technology


Photo credit: Rosa Park at White Lioness Media 

Carolyn Van is a shi(f)t disturber, marketer, strategic communications specialist and growth hacker. She solves problems with design, technology and communication-based solutions and has been a trusted advisor and educator to many from post-secondary students to senior level managers and startups to large corporations. Combined with her knowledge and expertise, Carolyn’s digital presence, influence and deep relationships in the startup, technology, interactive media and design and investment communities make Carolyn a strong ally for organizations who are looking to innovate and grow. She is a sought after educator, advisor, speaker and facilitator in the areas of digital media, Women in S.T.E.M, leadership, startups, technology and innovation.

Carolyn’s technology and entrepreneurial accolades, experience and knowledge have earned her nominations for RBC’s Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards and she has been recognized on various public outlets including CTV News, Global Entrepreneurship Week, The Globe and Mail and The Financial Post. READ MORE

#STEMSpark: Meet Beatrice Worsley, Our First Female Computer Scientist

By Dorothy Nixon on May 11, 2015 under Mathematics STEM Spark Technology


Photo courtesy of  Women in Computing, Cambridge University

Beatrice “Trixie” Worsley of Toronto has just been recognized with an inaugural Lifetime Achievement in Computer Science Award by the Canadian Association of Computer Science.

Yet, few people in Canada have heard of her.

According to her biographer and champion, Scott M. Campbell of the University of Waterloo, Trixie Worsley “was a pioneering computer scientist and the first female in Canada to make significant contributions to the field.”

The FIRST woman computer scientist in Canada- and few people know her name?

Maybe it’s just a case of nice girls don’t make history. After all, according to Professor Campbell, Worsley did have a quiet and accommodating character.

Then, again, she died young in 1972 before people began to think about the history of computing.READ MORE

Mateca Arts Encourages The Intersection of Art, Technology And Culture

By melissabessey22 on June 14, 2014 under Success Technology

In a city abounding with artists, art festivals and art opportunities, you may wonder why someone would create yet another art event. But Mateca Arts founder Teresa Otten had no such question when creating Mateca Arts Festival. As a visual artist herself who is concerned for nature and the impact that we have on our environment, she has created an event that brings together university students from Latin America and Canada to express how they feel about our environment and some of the tech-inspired results will make you stop and think twice about how we affect nature.READ MORE