#STEMSpark: Biologist Samantha Yammine shares her fascination with the natural world through social media

By Wendy Jacob on November 21, 2016 under Science STEM Spark

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Samantha Yammine is a PhD candidate studying stem cell biology and brain development who shares information on her specialization through weekly #ScienceSunday and #FeatureFriday posts on her Instagram feed (@science.sam). Her current academic research focuses on the development and function of cell populations within the organic brain, and how these findings may apply to synthetic networks in the near future.

“Humans are amazing creatures and we can do so much more than we allow ourselves to. Constructive criticism is excellent, but dream-bashing (from anyone) is unacceptable.” — Samantha YammineREAD MORE

#STEMSpark: Biologist Micheline Khan’s eco site My Little Green Foot sheds a light on environmental innovations

By Wendy Jacob on November 14, 2016 under Science STEM Spark


Environmentalist Micheline Khan is a biology grad whose mission is to promote the responsible use of resources, share innovative scientific research, health and wellness information, and improve the quality of life for people and the planet. What started as a humble Facebook group has grown into My Little Green Foot, a platform to share eco information and resources, and guide enviro newbies with tips and advice.

“Always believe in your potential and follow your purpose. Following your purpose is pursuing something outside of yourself. This path isn’t made for everyone, so it will be challenging. The long way is the shortcut.” – Micheline KhanREAD MORE

#STEMSpark: Aisha Addo puts women in the driver’s seat in a female only ride-sharing service, #DriveHER

By Wendy Jacob on November 7, 2016 under STEM Spark Technology


“Do your best, be your best, and love yourself.” — Aisha Addo

Aisha Addo is the creative of DriveHER, a new ride-sharing service staffed by female drivers for female passengers. “There’s a message of empowerment of women at the wheel,”  Aisha explains. “So symbolically I like that.” She is also the founder of  a non-profit mentoring organization targeted at girls from the African diaspora in the Greater Toronto area.READ MORE