Celebrate Women’s Month With Us With A Private Viewing of Hidden Figures

By Doina Oncel on March 14, 2017 under Engineering Math Mathematics Success Technology

In hounour of Women’s Month, hEr VOLUTION has partnered with Salesforce and Salesforce Women’s Network and we invite you to join us for a private viewing of the movie Hidden Figures.

We believe that it is now the time for women visible minorities to be celebrated for their efforts and contributions they have made in STEM fields. Hidden Figures is a movie that does just that, it shows us that women and visible minorities are hidden no longer and we want to take this opportunity celebrate the women who paved the way and to inspire you to reach for the stars.

  • When: March 30th at 9 AM
  • Where: Imagine Cinemas Market Square Theatre – 80 Front St. East, at Jarvis, Toronto, ON M5E 1T4
  • Who is this event for: Young women (Grades 6 to 12) and up to 2 of their guests (ex. their parents, guardians, teachers and siblings are welcome)

To learn more about the movie please check out the synopsis here or watch the trailer below:

This event is free for youth (ages 18 and under); however, registration is required.
All adults (19+) accompanying a student will be asked to donate $10 admission (proceeds to go to hEr VOLUTION).
Teachers: Feel free to bring your class to the event! Send us a message to make arrangements with us. 

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150 Days of Canadian Women in STEM #CanWomenSTEM150

By Doina Oncel on February 11, 2017 under CanWomenSTEM150 Engineering Math Mathematics Science Technology




Contact: Doina Oncel

Tel. 647 878 9285

Email: doina@hervolution.org

Date: February 10, 2017



To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, hEr VOLUTION focuses on celebrating
Canadian Women in STEM


150 Days of Canadian Women in STEM is the first-of-its-kind initiative focusing on celebrating Canadian Women in STEM, via Social Media. We will commit to bringing awareness to the achievements accomplished by the “hidden figures” in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields in Canada.READ MORE

Is the online learning strategy the best solution to improve math scores in Ontario students?

By Doina Oncel on September 25, 2016 under featured Math Mathematics

Post originally published on Huffington Post.

With the recent news release, that Ontario students are doing poorly at math, it is imperative to focus on this issue now as it affects not only our current students and schools but our economy in the long run.

While STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focused professions are the future of our economy they require a high level of math knowledge. For example, to enter an engineering field one must have a high understanding of math and, if not learned early it may be a loss that the next generation will have to deal with when losing opportunities in the future.

While the idea of having a one hour blocked time for math learning in classrooms is a great solution, I am personally not convinced when it comes to the online learning strategy. It is very interesting to see how many kids and their parents will actually have access to online resources considering that, although we live in one of the best nations in the world, many people do not have a computer and Internet access at home.READ MORE