Is the online learning strategy the best solution to improve math scores in Ontario students?

By Doina Oncel on September 25, 2016 under featured Math Mathematics

Post originally published on Huffington Post.

With the recent news release, that Ontario students are doing poorly at math, it is imperative to focus on this issue now as it affects not only our current students and schools but our economy in the long run.

While STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focused professions are the future of our economy they require a high level of math knowledge. For example, to enter an engineering field one must have a high understanding of math and, if not learned early it may be a loss that the next generation will have to deal with when losing opportunities in the future.

While the idea of having a one hour blocked time for math learning in classrooms is a great solution, I am personally not convinced when it comes to the online learning strategy. It is very interesting to see how many kids and their parents will actually have access to online resources considering that, although we live in one of the best nations in the world, many people do not have a computer and Internet access at home.READ MORE

#STEMSpark: Meet Carolyn Van, A Shi(f)t Disturber And A Passionate Leader For Women In #STEM

By Doina Oncel on June 8, 2015 under featured STEM Spark Technology


Photo credit: Rosa Park at White Lioness Media 

Carolyn Van is a shi(f)t disturber, marketer, strategic communications specialist and growth hacker. She solves problems with design, technology and communication-based solutions and has been a trusted advisor and educator to many from post-secondary students to senior level managers and startups to large corporations. Combined with her knowledge and expertise, Carolyn’s digital presence, influence and deep relationships in the startup, technology, interactive media and design and investment communities make Carolyn a strong ally for organizations who are looking to innovate and grow. She is a sought after educator, advisor, speaker and facilitator in the areas of digital media, Women in S.T.E.M, leadership, startups, technology and innovation.

Carolyn’s technology and entrepreneurial accolades, experience and knowledge have earned her nominations for RBC’s Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards and she has been recognized on various public outlets including CTV News, Global Entrepreneurship Week, The Globe and Mail and The Financial Post. READ MORE

#STEMSpark: Meet Dr. Imogen Coe, PhD, Dean Faculty of Science at Ryerson University

By Dorothy Nixon on June 1, 2015 under featured Science STEM Spark



Dr. Imogen Coe is an accomplished, award-winning Canadian biologist. Her 15 years of research into membrane protein cell biology and biochemistry is recognized worldwide.

In 2012, Coe was appointed Dean of Science at Ryerson University in Toronto, a five year position. Prior to that, she was the Associate dean for Research, in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at York University.

Dr. Coe completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Exeter in the UK and her graduate work at the University of Victoria. She attended the University of California and then the University of Alberta as a postdoctoral fellow.

Dean Coe is a leading advocate for Women in STEM. READ MORE