#STEMSpark: Bell VP Borika Vucinic is a powerhouse in Canadian communications.

As Vice-President, Bell Network, Borika Vucinic oversees engineering support and operations for Bell Media broadcast sites in Montreal and Toronto, and project engineering and network support for television and radio stations across Canada. In 2015 she was recognized as a pioneer and a voice for women in communications and technology with the Women in Communication and Technology (WCT), Technology Innovator Award. Borika holds an MBA and a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and has earned a reputation as an innovator and team builder. Formerly Director, TV and Radio Engineering, she was instrumental in building the Bell TV Network team and delivering infrastructure advances to support the Fibe TV app and Satellite TV video on demand.

“Having diversity of opinions at the table when new technologies are developed, implemented or innovated is absolutely important as diversity brings new ideas, different thoughts and multitude of options.” — Borika Vucinic More

Hackathon brings together local community to #UseDigitalForGood

When it comes to STEM skills it is well known by now that they are the future for career success. In order to achieve that, hackathons are a great start. We were super excited to have been part of the Gift The Code Hackathon as mentors to participants in this meaningful event.

According to Capital One, the main sponsor of this event,  “Innovation is driving change in sectors spanning finance, health, and business, with technologists pursuing the most transformative solutions to disrupt established industries. Around the world, entrepreneurs are applying their lenses not just to industry challenges but to issues of social interest. At home in Toronto, you would not be hard-pressed to find organizations that would benefit from the efficiencies of technology.” 


Remembering our heroines

Remembrance Day is a day for all Canadians to remember the men and women who served and sacrificed for our country. It is a day we encourage every individual, young and old, to pause, to give thanks and to remember.

We want to capture and remember 3 women that have contributed to this day yet failed to be recognized as they have always been expected to stand behind the lines only because they were born women and doing a man’s job was simply…not expected of them. Let’s shed a light on the heroines who deserve to be recognized for their devoted commitments to freedom just as much as their male counterparts are. These heroines are not only from Canada, however, considering that Canada is ground for peole from around the world, it only makes sense to recognize these women as they have impacted Canada in a way or another, for the better.  More

#CanWomenSTEM150-150 Days of Canadian Women in STEM : Week 35 Wrap Up

#CanWomenSTEM150 Conference 2017

We are so grateful to everyone who participated and made this event a great success. Our diverse and dynamic group of speakers and panelists provided in-depth insight about the opportunities in STEM, diversity and gender equality.

A huge shout out to our amazing sponsors who supported us: Faculty of Science at Ryerson, Salesforce and Lighthouse Labs, thank you for Silver Sponsorship; thank you to 20 Toronto Street Conference and Events for hosting us in your beautiful space; thank you to media and community partners. We want to thank the speakers and panelists who inspired and engaged us all day and, not to forget, we want to thank everyone who attended and participated in the discussion.

We sincerely hope that the conference was all everyone expected it to be and that the young students who visited took advantage of the opportunity meeting with our women professionals in their respective fields of STEM. And we encouraged them to pass on the learnings from the event to their fellow friends to learn more about #STEM.