150 Days of Canadian Women in STEM: Week 13 Wrap Up

By Jennifer Smith Gray on May 14, 2017 under CanWomenSTEM150

Talk about women who lead and women who inspire!

We could not have better examples of women who do both, and more, than the six women that we introduced this week as part of hEr VOLUTION’s 150 Days of Canadian Women in STEM. Profile this week, we have a student researcher studying speech-motor control and communicating data about paediatric health research, plus a young student activist working for a better environment. We have a tech CEO whose products are enabling people to take control of their own heart health, an engineer who works to inspire other engineers in Ontario, and a respected university dean who tirelessly advocates for diversity in STEM in Canada.

The work of all of these women — professors, researchers, students, professionals, and entrepreneurs — is supported by the Canadian Minister of Science, a successful woman in STEM who leads and motivates by example.

You can read more about these six remarkable women and their work here:

  • jeanne Aimey, professional engineer (P.Eng), public speaker, and advocate for the Engineering Profession in Ontario
  • Kirsty Duncan, the Canadian Minister of Science and a Member of Parliament (MP) for the Etobicoke North riding in Toronto
  • Isabella O’Brien, student, scientist and activist working towards a better environment
  • Stephanie Cheung, PhD student and researcher in Biomedical Engineering and the Collaborative Program in Neuroscience at the University of Toronto
  • Sarah Goodman, CEO of VitalSines, makers of iHeart
  • Dr. Imogen Coe, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at Ryerson University, and promoter of diversity in STEM


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