150 Days of Canadian Women in STEM: Week 12 Wrap Up

By Jennifer Smith Gray on May 7, 2017 under CanWomenSTEM150

STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and it represents a fairly recent grouping of these four disciplines. The focus of STEM has typically been on education — preparing young minds for bright futures in these areas. It’s a pretty broad term and covers a lot within the four disciplines, which can be daunting, especially if you’ve never really considered yourself particularly “techy” or interested in math, and if science and technology are high-level subject areas that don’t mean much to you.

One purpose of the 150 Days of Canadian Women in STEM campaign is to showcase some examples of careers in these areas, to show their importance to many aspects of life in Canada, now and for the future, and to illustrate the wide variety of options that are out there that fall within the STEM realm but that might not be what you immediately think of. We especially want to demonstrate to girls that there is room and need for them in these exciting areas — to not be intimidated by stereotypes and old-fashioned notions of STEM careers and who they are for.

So what exactly does a career in STEM look like? You just have to look back at the previous 11 weeks of social media postings for this campaign to get some ideas. The women who are leading the way are inspiring, and the variety of careers and paths is impressive. Just this past week, we’ve showcased women working in engineering, volcanology, biochemistry, cancer research, ecology, and robotics. You can read more about these six unique women and their work here:


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